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Title 2020 KINU International Conference 1-1
Date 2020-12-15 Hit 348
File [초청장] 2020 kinu 국제학술회의.pdf
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KINU hosted a web-based 2020 KINU International Conference via an online platform under the title of 'Seeking a Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula after the U.S. Presidential Election' from December 15(Tue) to 16(Wed). This Conference was live-streamed real-time via KINU's official YouTube channel at <> on December 15-16, 2020.
This conference seeks to provide a venue to make projections for situations surrounding the Korean Peninsula, North Korea’s strategy toward the U.S., and inter-Korean relations after the U.S. presidential election, and to lay out directions on how to create traction for the peace process on the Korean Peninsula in cooperation with relevant actors.
The opening ceremony starts with an opening speech delivered by President of KINU, KOH Yu-hwan, followed by a video welcome speech by Speaker of the National Assembly, PARK Byeong-Seug, an on-site welcome speech from Member of the National Assembly, MIN Byoungdug, and a video welcome speech from Chairperson, NRC Korea, SEONG Kyoung-Ryung.
The 1-1 session hosted by Unification Policy Research Division of KINU compares KINU’s Korean side of the survey result on ROK-U.S. relations to the U.S. side’s result from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and discusses U.S. policy on the Korean Peninsula after the U.S. presidential election. Professor KIM Haknoh of Yeungnam University presides over the 1-1 session, followed by presentations by Director of Unification Policy Research Division at KINU, LEE Sang Sin, Marshall M. Bouton, Fellow for Asia Studies at Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Karl FRIEDHOFF, and Research Fellow at KINU, MIN TaeEun. Discussants include Director of Korean Center at the Wilson Center, Jean H. LEE, Senior Research Fellow of Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Jessica LEE, and Professor at Kyung Hee University, SEO Jungkun.
o Date & Time : : December 15 (Tue),  9:30 ~17:20, December 16 (Wed), 2020, 10:00 ~ 15:00, (KST)
o Main Topic: Seeking a Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula after the U.S. Presidential Election
o Session Topic:
1-1 Session: Perceptions and Prospects of ROK-US Relations after the US Presidential Election (Host: Unification Policy Research Division, KINU)

1-2 Session: 2021 North Korea's Internal and External Strategy: Choices and Prospects (Host: North Korean Research Division, KINU)

1-3 Session: Sustainable Inter-Korean Cooperation in Post-COVID-19 Era (Host: Korean Peninsula Peace and Prosperity(K3P) Research Group, NRC)

2-1 Session: Perception and Understanding on North Korea (Host: The Korean Association for Public Diplomacy)

2-2 Session: Prospects of Neighboring Countries' Policy on the US and the Korean Peninsula after the US Presidential Election (Host: Peace Research Division, KINU)
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