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Title Biden Administration Taking Office and the Korean Peninsula in 2021
Date 2021-01-22 Hit 368
File 초청장.pdf
On Friday, January 22, 2021, KINU, held a joint conference with research institutes in the fields of unification, diplomacy, and security (KINU, Korea National Diplomatic Academy: KNDA, and Institute for National Security Strategy: INSS, respectively) via a smart conference platform under the theme of “Biden Administration Taking Office and the Korean Peninsula in 2021.” The video of conference can be played at KINU’s YouTube channel ( 
This conference was designed to have a comprehensive discussion on the situation of the Korean Peninsula after the new U.S. administration taking the oval office and to present policy options in the future.
The first session was held in a roundtable format under the theme of ‘Let the Presidents of the Three Research Institutes Talk.” Professor of Seoul National University (SNU), Jeon Jaesung presided over the session with President of INSS, Kim Ki-jung, President of KNDA, Kim Joon-hyung, and President of KINU, Koh Yu-hwan, participating as panelists.
The second session discussed the ‘Prospect of the Situation on the Korean Peninsula after the Biden Administration Taking Office.’
Professor of ChungAng University, Lee Hyejeong presided over the session, with the presentations of Professor of KNDA, Kim Hyung-wook, Senior Research Fellow at INSS, Lee Ki-dong, Research Fellow at KINU, Kim Sang Ki. Discussants include MBC reporter specialized in North Korean affairs, Kim Hyun-kyung, Professor of SNU, Shin Sung-ho, Policy Fellow at Future Consensus Institute, Wang Seon-taek and Professor at Soongsil University, Lee Jeong Chul.

o Date & Time: Friday, January 22, 2021, 14:00~17:20
o Topic: Biden Administration Taking Office and the Korean Peninsula in 2021
o Participants: 
                 - Non-KINU: Kim Ki-jung (President of INSS), Kim Joon-hyung (President of KNDA),
                                    Jeon Jaesung (Professor of SNU), Lee Hyejeong (Professor of ChungAng University),
                                    Kim Hyung-wook (Professor at KNDA), Lee Ki-dong (Senior Research Fellow, INSS),
                                    Kim Hyun-kyung (MBC reporter specialized in North Korean affairs),
                                    Shin Sung-ho (Professor of SNU), Wang Seon-taek (Policy Fellow at Future Consensus Institute),
                                    Lee Jeong Chul (Professor at Soongsil University), and more.

                 - KINU: Koh, Yu-hwan (President of KINU), Han, Dong-ho (Director of Planning and Coordination Division),
                              Kim, Ah Young (Head of External Affairs and Public Relations Team),
                              Seo, YangA (Research Associate), and Jung, Eun Jung (Administrative Officer)
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